About Blood Cemetery

Nestled beside a New England farm plot in Hollis, NH, this ancient cemetery is reportedly very haunted.

Officially named Pine Hill Cemetery, it is commonly referred to as Blood Cemetery — denoting the famous headstone marking Abel Blood’s grave. Rumors indicate the hand pointing upwards on Blood’s grave mysteriously points downward at night and numerous paranormal investigations have recorded strange voices, ghostly orbs have shown up in pictures, etc.

Closed dusk to dawn and heavily patrolled by authorities around Halloween.

About the Web Site

This web site is one of the leading online resources for photos and information pertaining to Blood Cemetery. It was created to allow paranormal researchers and those with an interest in unexplained phenomena to remotely view the cemetery’s gravestones.

BloodCemetery.com currently features photographs of gravestones and Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) clips. Photographs can be viewed in ultra high-resolution to allow visitors to read ancient transcriptions on the gravestones.

Working in partnership with IOPAR, the International Organization for Paranormal Activity Research, the site hopes to build a vast online community of professional and amateur paranormal researchers to include individuals with an interest in paranormal activity.